Wholesale of new and used clothing in bulk

buy articles of clothing all around the world at the best prices

Sales of branded clothing in bulk per kg

Swizztex works on the market of new and used clothing, wholesale of textile and accesories, at wholesale prices.
Through reliable marketing channels and with our main warehouse in Budapest, in the middle of Europe, we can satisfy the needs of small and big businesses all over the world.
Our main activity after the purchase of the articles of clothing is the subdivision of the products based on type and quality.
Following a careful selection, the clothes are packed and sent to the client.

Clothing brands

Served countries

Pieces in our warehouse

Purchase of clothing

The continous selection of reliable partners and the purchase of the clothes in bulk allow us to get excellent products at the best price. The purchase of warehouses in liquidation and overproductions are fundamental to have an up-to-date, always changing warehouse. Our purchase agents are always looking for the latest trends and the best occasions.

Selection of clothes and accessories

In our warehouses there is a careful selection and subdivison of the different categories of the articles of clothing and accessories: shoes, T-shirts, shirts, jackets, coats, lingerie, socks and bags. This way you can choose easily the brands and the products that you need for your shop or outlet. We offer exclusive brands at excellent prices, coming from sample collections, clothes from previous seasons or overproductions.

Sales of clothing in bulk

Thanks to our efficient distribution network and the central position of Hungary we can deliver fast to Europe, Asia, Africa and America. Our clients are mostly from the European Union, Ucraine, Republic of Moldova, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Iraq, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Israel, Libanon, Pakistan, Iran, Egypt, Libya, Senegal, Angola, Namibia, Republic of South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Somalia, Togo and Ghana.

Multiple Solutions

With the help of our company you can take your mind of your problems and turn your focus again to your main business! We are proffessional at the purchasing processes. Controlled distribution and carefully chosen and tested partners.

The experience gained during these years, the contacts made in lot of countries and the reputation earnod on the field allow us to come to know about eventual clearances rapidly to be able to buy large quantities of branded and non-branded clothes.
The selection is done internally in our own warehouses by qualified staff and the articles of clothing are available in our establishments.
Stock of clothing for men, women and children, as well as accessories, shoes and a lot of branded clothes.